5-year Anniversary Gifts No One “Wood” Forget

5 Year Anniversary Gifts No One “Wood” Forget

Life is a gift and love opens it up.Give your love the gift of a lifetime with something customized and heartfelt for your fifth anniversary.

Traditionally, fifth-anniversary gifts are made of wood, as wood is symbolic of a marriage that is solid, sturdy, and enduring. Trees are symbolic of strength and wisdom since strong deep roots are needed to grow and anchor in a long-lasting tree. Just like trees, couples need to have strong roots to stand the test of time and, with love and respect, they can grow more together than they ever could alone. A gift with wood tells your special someone that you wish the love you share today grows even brighter as you grow older together.  

In five years one can accumulate so much love, memories, and growth. Here’s a list of customizable wooden gifts that will help you immortalize those sacred moments of love for years to come.

A Meaningful Engraved Clock

Tell your lover you will always give them your time with this personalized fifth-anniversary cherry wall clock. Measuring 12” x 1.5” in size, this timeless gift is both meaningful and useful, helping you to never be late for those romantic rendezvous or daily errands.

This clock has a built-in easel for tabletop display and a tooth hanger on the back to hang on the wall. Keep your motor running with one “AA” battery. With a quiet motor, this clock will never tick you off with an incessant ticking.

Don’t miss out on this incredible gift, the clock is ticking… quietly.

A Picture Perfect Wooden Frame 

A moment flashes by in a heartbeat, but a moment can be immortalized with this engraved fifth-anniversary wood picture frame. It reads, “5 years of marriage, 60 months of hugs, 260 weeks of laughter, 1,826 days of patience, 43,824 hours of love, 2,629,440 minutes of bliss, and 157,766,400 seconds of loyalty.” 

This frame recognizes and gives thanks for every moment, every struggle, and every breath shared together. Every time your loved one sees this, thoughts of those heartfelt moments will come rushing to mind and melt their heart.

This frame is available in various sizes ranging from 6.5” to 13.5” in height. It is sure to compliment any photo. 

Personalized 5th-year Anniversary Double Photo Frame

Lifesong Milestones has many unique pictures frames to suit your lover’s taste. This is a double photo frame, allowing you to display not just one moment of love, but two 4”x6” photos behind a sheet of glass. It reads, “5 years of marriage, 60 months of hugs, 260 weeks of laughter, 1,826 days of patience, 43,824 hours of love, forever and always in love with you. Happy Anniversary.”

This is a 16”x8” treasured keepsake that can be hung on the wall or displayed on a table. It is available in several colors – black, ivory, cherry, and maple. What a wonderful reminder of the love you have for one another.

Wall Cross Couples Anniversary Gift   

Celebrate your faith in each other with this fifth-anniversary laser-engraved cross. With light and dark wooden tones, the cross reads, “Love is just a word until someone comes along & gives it meaning.” Personalize it for free by adding both names and the wedding date. 

Hang it on the wall with ease thanks to the peg hole on the back, or stand it on a desk/table for a daily reminder of your commitment to one another. Measuring 12”x17”x1/2”, this cross is sure to please. Cross my heart. 

Personalized Barky Anniversary Ornament

This anniversary ornament is so simple yet beautifully thoughtful. This gift gives a natural rugged chic look to any Christmas tree, window, or car’s rear view mirror for everyday display. This ornament, 3.25” x 3.25” x .25”, includes a string free of charge for easy hanging and display. 

Hanging Wooden Rope Sign

Your significant other will never get “board” from looking at this inspirational wooden board rope sign. It reads, “Our life together, 5 years of marriage, 60 months of hugs, 260 weeks of laughter, 1,826 days of patience, 43,824 hours of love, forever and always in love with you, happy anniversary.” This says that through everyone you remain in love. 

This 8”x12” sign comes with a rope for easy hanging and display. This board, exclusively from Lifesong Milestones, is the perfect gift for your sweetheart that will last a lifetime. 

Personalized 5th Anniversary Candle Holder

What better gift could help keep those sparks of desire lit? This three-votive wooden candle holder helps you and your other half set the mood for those steamy nights or romantic dinners. Measuring 10”x4”x4”, this holder comes with three glass candle holders. Just pop your favorite scented candles in and get the night started

Personalized 5th Anniversary Maple Cake Stands

Honor the happy couple or give your favorite baker a personalized fifth-year wedding anniversary cake stand. This maple wood stand helps one decorate cakes and desserts with ease for any event. The stand can be easily collapsed and stored. It measures 10” in diameter. This stand is food safe and easy to clean with soap and water. This gift is sure to make any cake – and anniversary date - stand out.

Personalized Anniversary Bamboo 6pc Coaster Set

These coasters are a great gift for the home and your special someone. These coasters help protect your tables while reminding users of the day you decided to celebrate your love and tie the knot. Note these coasters are made of bamboo but look just like wood. These 3.75” x 3.75” coasters can be ordered in a round or square shape to fit just about all glasses. 

Still Counting Anniversary Wall Plaque 

Acknowledge all the exciting times yet to come, while honoring the time already shared with this personalized wall plaque. The wooden plaque reads, “5 years of marriage, 60 months of hugs, 260 weeks of laughter, 1,826 days of patience, 43,824 hours of love, 2,627,440 minutes and still counting … Happy Anniversary.”

This lasting keepsake measures 12”x 15” x .5” and can be displayed on the wall or tabletop.  It comes in several colors to match your décor: black maple wood, cherry wood, maple wood, black maple veneer, cherry veneer, and maple veneer.

Most of these items listed are customizable for free, just add both names and the wedding date when checking out. 

If you didn’t see something that suited your needs, Lifesong Memorials has many more 5-year-anniversary gifts you can check out here. Our goal is to inspire lives, one gift at a time.