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  • Amazing Gifts To Celebrate A 70th Anniversary

    by LifeSong Milestones December 19, 2023 4 min read

    Amazing Gifts To Celebrate A 70th Anniversary - LifeSong Milestones

    Congratulations! A 70th anniversary is a rare achievement! To reach a 70th anniversary, a couple must have married young and spent a lifetime together through the ups and downs of life while remaining committed to each other. A long-lasting marriage like this requires purity of intention, deep and abiding love, and unwavering commitment to each other. This level of dedication and devotion to each other is rare and deserves to be celebrated.

    Statistically speaking, very few couples are able to celebrate this milestone together. According to a report by the National Center for Health Statistics, in the United States out of 100,000 married couples, approximately 1,370 couples reach the age of 90 or older. That is only 1.3% of couples. Reaching a 70th anniversary is a testament to the strength of a couple's relationship and their ability to overcome any obstacles that come their way. It is a time to reflect on a lifetime of memories and experiences shared. It's a time to look back on all the joys, sorrows, and triumphs that a couple has experienced over the many years, and to celebrate the enduring love and bond that has kept them together for so long.

    Platinum Anniversary Gift Ideas

    The 70th anniversary is known as the platinum anniversary because platinum is a rare, precious, and enduring metal that symbolizes the strength, durability, and endurance of a long-lasting marriage. Platinum is a dense and heavy metal that is resistant to tarnish, corrosion, and wear. It's also incredibly difficult to mine, making it a valuable and highly prized material. These qualities make platinum an ideal symbol for a marriage that has endured for 70 years.
    Therefore, consider platinum gifts, like jewelry, cufflinks, or a platinum rose, as a fitting way to honor and celebrate a couple's remarkable achievement of reaching 70 years of marriage. Even if you decide not to gift platinum, there are many other options out there that make great couple gifts.
    At LifeSong Milestones, we know it can be hard to find the perfect gift, so we’ve gathered several gift ideas for you to sift through. One of these gifts is sure to help you celebrate this very special milestone.

    1. A personalized photo picture frame featuring pictures of their family and loved ones makes this custom gift extra meaningful. Thanks to this double picture frame’s ability to hold two pictures, it’s a great frame to display an old photo and a recent photo.

    LifeSong Milestones Custom Anniversary Picture Frame

    2. Speaking of photos, consider purchasing a photo session for them. Immortalize their love with photos of them with their family.
    3. Take a stroll down memory lane with a personalized anniversary scrapbook. Fill it full of photos and messages from all of their family members. This will surely be a heartfelt gift that the couple can look through together and reminisce. The following 70th-anniversary guestbook has 35 white 80# lines pages capable of supporting photos and written notes. this can be used as a scrapbook, or as a guest book at a party.

    LifeSong Milestones Personalized Scrapbook 70th anniversary

    4. A gift card for a local restaurant or a prepaid meal delivery service would be a great idea so they can enjoy a night off from cooking and try new foods they may not have had before.
    5. Consider gifting the couple plush and cozy blankets or throws to help them stay warm and comfortable. Consider factors such as the couple's color preferences, the material of the blanket, and whether they have any allergies or sensitivities. Opt for a high-quality blanket that feels soft and luxurious to the touch.
    6. A subscription to a magazine or newspaper they enjoy reading would be a great idea. When selecting a magazine or newspaper subscription, consider the couple's interests, preferences, and any limitations they might have. Choose a publication that reflects their tastes and provides content that will enrich their lives.
    7. A gift certificate for a relaxing spa treatment, massage, or a trip to a nearby hot spring might just be what they need to help soothe their aging bodies.
    8. An indoor gardening kit or houseplant can help to bring some extra life and color into their home.
    9. Consider home décor items that can remind them they are loved beyond measure, like this floral anniversary sign on a stand.


    LifeSong Milestones Floral Custom Anniversary Sign with a stand

    10. A personalized puzzle or board game can help them pass the time and enjoy each other's company. It’s always good to keep the mind sharp with thinking games.
    11. A set of matching watches or jewelry would be a good present to symbolize their enduring love. Every time they wear it, it serves as a reminder of their love for each other.
    12. A set of comfortable and supportive walking shoes could encourage them to stay active and healthy together.
    13. A sentimental or nostalgic gift, such as a book of their love story or a memory book that highlights special moments from their life together would be a heartfelt gift. They could browse the book together as they walk down memory lane.
    14. Consider getting them a personalized wall clock, like this customizable family tree clock. You can have family members’ names engraved on this clock. Check out the other customizable family tree décor at LifeSong Milestones.

    LifeSong Milestones Cherry Wood personalized Wall Clock - Anniversary Gift

    15. Offer to do an errand or chore that they might have a hard time doing themselves, such as outdoor maintenance or fixing their dishwasher. As people age, simple things can often be harder to do. They will surely appreciate any help you can offer.


    In conclusion, reaching a 70th anniversary is a remarkable and rare accomplishment that reflects the enduring love, commitment, and resilience of a couple. The journey of seven decades together is a testament to the strength of their relationship, as evidenced by the statistical rarity of such milestones. Celebrating this platinum anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on a lifetime filled with shared joys, sorrows, and triumphs.

    As you choose a gift, keep in mind the couple's preferences and needs. Whether it's a sentimental item, a practical gesture, or a symbolic token, your chosen gift will undoubtedly contribute to the celebration of 70 years of shared memories. In the end, the most meaningful gifts go beyond material value—they reflect the depth of your care and appreciation for a love that has withstood the test of time. Cheers to the couple and their 70 years of lasting love!

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