Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

by LifeSong Milestones November 11, 2022 2 min read

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas - LifeSong Milestones

People who host Thanksgiving typically fall into two groups: 1) those who happily volunteered as they have been waiting for this day all year or 2) those who took one for the team.

Regardless of what group you fall under, the host can make this Thanksgiving holiday special and memorable, all with the help of a little decor. Let the internet serve as a guide and inspiration with some of these creative and noteworthy ideas.

Rustic Style

    Photo credit: Brittany Wood

    This beautiful woodsy table decor comes from design blogger, Jenni Kayne. She dishes out all the elements needed to create a beautiful rustic setting on her blog. The natural rugged style is a popular trend for weddings and home designs. Some of the elements include wooden candle holders, cutting boards, and garland placed strategically together to create a wonderful aesthetic appeal.

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    Minimalist Style

      Photo credit: homedit

      This style comes from homedit, a website dedicated to interior design and architecture. The art of minimalism is to make every element count. Less is more. This can be a great fit if you are in a time crunch for ideas. This particular minimalist look is comprised of white candles, simple white tablecloths, and fine glasses filled with wine. These create a monochromatic and warm vibe for your guests.

      Grand Style

        Photo credit: Sharps Farm

        You don’t need to have the nicest house on the block to create this look; just the right decor. Integrate table cloths, fancy cloth napkins, matching chinaware, personalized coasters, and multiple candles with dim background lighting to help set the mood of an elegant dinner with your guests. The lanterns with pinecones give a feel of cohesiveness. The example above is from Sharps Farm, a blog about all things farmhouse and living.

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        DIY Style


        Photo credit: Fantabulosity           Photo credit:

        DIY (Do It Yourself) provides so many options and styles, no matter the project. DIY styles can fall under any category, including the aforementioned Thanksgiving table options. The above photos are some examples of simple yet unique components to add to your Thanksgiving table. Be sure to check out the hyperlinks by each photo and other DIY Thanksgiving table ideas on Pinterest.


        Regardless of how someone styles their Thanksgiving table, rest assured it will be the best because all that really matters are the relationships built among guests, the recipes passed down, the stories shared, the thanks given around the table, and the memories made. The reward of hosting will be worth the stress and hard work. It is our hope at Lifesong Milestones that these ideas will be of assistance. Happy Thanksgiving!

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