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  • Epic Valentines Day Gift Ideas and How to Choose the Right One

    by LifeSong Milestones January 24, 2023 5 min read

    Epic Valentines Day Gift Ideas and How to Choose the Right One - LifeSong Milestones

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Will you be my Valentine? What a timeless question. The question may be archaic, but the love behind it never gets old. If you’re searching for more creative ways to ask this question or express your love to your beloved, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are not just several great gift ideas that will knock the socks off your special someone, but also info on how to choose the perfect gift.

    Do You Know How Your Partner Likes To Be Loved?

    This is a seemingly obvious question at first, but many relationships struggle because partners don’t understand how the other person wants to be loved. Don’t give them gifts you would like, give them gifts they would like. This is the key to a great gift.

    First, as always when picking a gift, keep in mind what the giftee likes. Do they like homemade gifts, acts of service, food, or bought gifts? A good way to figure out what your significant other would appreciate is to first know their love language. The five languages of love are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. You can better understand these by reading “Five Love Languages” or having them take a quick love language quiz. This information can be quite helpful in understanding your partner and knowing how you can make your partner feel loved. In fact, this could also be a good valentines day gift idea, along with a card that talks about how you want to learn to better love and understand each other.


    Write “Read When” Letters

    Now I’m not talking about just any love letters. These are various letters your loved one can open and read when they are going through tough situations. Some example titles could be:
    • Read when you are mad at me
    • Read when you miss me
    • Read when you’re horny
    • Read when you are questioning us
    • Read when you are struggling to understand me
    • Read when you are feeling lost/depressed
    • Read when you feel you can’t talk to me
    • Read when you are facing ____ fear again

    This gift will take some time to compile, but it is an extremely thoughtful gift (especially for people who appreciate words of affirmation or who have a long-distance relationship). This gift can help benefit your relationship when it’s struggling. This present says you want to be there for them, especially when they are having a hard time.

    Remember the topics can be fun, sexy, heartfelt, playful, or loving. Write whatever you think your significant other will need. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas to write about, check out Lauren’s Ideas. She has many, many suggestions that are light-hearted like - read if you want to know what I first thought about you, to more serious topics like - read if you feel like we are drifting apart, if you think you’ve made a bad decision, or if you’re feeling rage.


    Give them coupons that let them know they can do the dishes, rub your feet and make you sandwiches barefoot in the kitchen. Just kidding! Only do this if you don’t like living. When thinking about what coupons to give her or him, consider their favorite way to be loved and come up with coupons from there.
    Some of my favorite coupon ideas are:
    • I win the argument coupon - Warning! This may seem funny when you give this, but it might be a bit rage-inducing when your partner triumphantly whips this baby out after a heated round in the ring.
    • One day with the house entirely to yourself - This means no kids, no interruptions, and no chore list.
    • Let me buy this without complaints - This can be another rage-inducing coupon, so only give this if you trust your partner's spending whims…or make sure you keep the receipt. 😂 You could also put a spending limit on it if you are really quaking in your boots!
    • A day free from reminders and complaints - You might realize just how much you both complain or nag. This could spark a much-needed conversation and become an everyday goal.
    • An afternoon nap with zero interruptions - ZZZzzzzzzzzz. Every adult’s dream.
    • Talk about whatever you’ve been avoiding - This means both partners have to willingly talk about a difficult topic with love, respect, and vulnerability. The egos have to be put to the side. Make sure to include an amount of time, like half an hour, to ensure the topic gets genuinely discussed.
    • A whole day dragging your partner wherever you want to go - Again, this means no complaints. Only good sports are allowed to give this coupon.
    • No technology for a day - It might be surprising just how much time you have when you remove technology. It may help ease stress.
    • Control of the remote for a night - If you hog the remote or a specific item, it might be fun to switch things up and let the other person decide how to use it!
    • A night out on the town - This is a great one for the hermits. This may get you out of your comfort zone so you two can grow closer together.

    For more coupon ideas, check out what the Crazy Coupon Lady and Callie have to say.

    Valentine's Decor

    Physical gifts are something that lasts for years and will be a constant reminder of your love. Some items that can be displayed include:

    • Valentine Magnets - Spice up your Valentine-giving skills with this 3D-printed gnome magnet made from laser-cut MDF board. This valentines gift is not just sweet, but purposeful. It can hold up important reminders on your fridge or at your office all year long to remind your special someone how utterly loved they are.

    Valentine Magnet

    • Framed Shadow Box - For the Valentine's Day lover, a pine wood framed shadow box would be a beautiful addition to their holiday decor. Check out these adorable shadow boxes that have sayings like, “Cuter than Cupid,” “You +Me=Us,” and “I’m so loved.”

    LifeSong Milestones Valentine Shelf Decor

    LifeSong Milestones Valentine Framed Wall Decor You + Me = Us

    • Valentine's Porch Signs - This is a heartwarming gift for the avid decorator. Signs like “Be Mine,” “XOXO Y’all,” and “Hello Love” are sure to be adored.
    LifeSong Milestones Valentine Porch Decor SignLifeSong Milestones Valentine Porch Decor SignLifeSong Milestones Valentine Porch Decor Sign
    • Lovable Shelf Decor - These 6” x 6” shelf decor signs are designed and created to help you make a big statement with a small footprint. Thanks to their conveniently small size, they can be easily displayed on a bookcase, end table, kitchen island or bakers rack, tiered tray, foyer table, mantle... the options are endless and the colors are bright and beautiful!

    LifeSong Milestones Valentine Shelf DecorLifeSong Milestones Valentine Shelf Decor

    Check out the taller 5.5” x 8” shelf decor here.

    LifeSong Milestones Valentines Shelf DecorLifeSong Milestones Valentine Shelf DecorLifeSong Milestones Valentine Shelf Decor


    Valentine's Day is a day to express your gratitude for those you love. Whatever you decide to do for Valentine's Day, if you’ve put your heart into it, it’s sure to be appreciated. So don’t stress too much. Remember it’s the thought that counts!




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