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  • How to Display a Cremation Urn in Your Home

    by Lifesong Staff May 23, 2024 5 min read

    How to Display a Cremation Urn in Your Home

    Displaying a cremation urn in your home is a deeply personal and meaningful way to honor and remember a loved one who has passed away. It’s a tribute that reflects their presence in your life and offers a constant source of comfort. When choosing how best to display an urn, several factors should be considered, including location, aesthetics, and the overall ambiance of your home. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to thoughtfully and beautifully display a cremation urn in your living space.

    1. Choosing the Right Location

    The location of the urn is paramount, as it should be a place where you can feel a connection with your loved one while also being respectful and prominent enough to honor their memory.

    A. Living Room
    The living room is often considered the heart of the home, making it a fitting place for an urn. You can place the urn on a mantelpiece, bookshelf, or a dedicated side table. Ensure that the urn is at eye level to maintain its significance and visibility.

    B. Bedroom
    For a more private and personal tribute, the bedroom is an ideal location. A nightstand or dresser can serve as a perfect spot, offering a sense of closeness and intimacy. This is particularly meaningful if you want to keep the memory of your loved one close during private moments.

    C. Dedicated Memorial Space
    Creating a dedicated memorial space or alcove in your home can provide a special area for reflection and remembrance. This space can include the urn, photographs, candles, and other mementos that celebrate the life of your loved one.

    2. Considering the Urn’s Design and Material

    The design and material of the urn should complement the décor of your home while reflecting the personality and taste of your loved one. Here are some popular options:

    A. Traditional Urns
    Traditional urns, often made from materials like ceramic, wood, or brass, can be beautifully intricate and ornate. They work well in classic or vintage-themed homes and can be the focal point of the display area. Take a look at some laser-engraved wooden urns here.

    B. Contemporary Urns
    For modern homes, contemporary urns made of glass, metal, or eco-friendly materials offer sleek and stylish options. These urns often feature minimalist designs that blend seamlessly with modern décor.

    C. Custom Urns
    Custom urns allow you to incorporate personal elements such as engravings, favorite colors, or specific motifs that were meaningful to your loved one. This customization adds a unique touch to the display. Check out these sweet photos urns. many of LifeSong customizable urns can have an image of your loved one printed on it, special verses/names engraved on it, or can hold a photo. Here is an example of an urn with a digitally printed photo on it.

    Timeless Human Memorial Shadow Box Photo Urn in Black - A Limb Has Fallen


    3. Enhancing the Display with Complementary Elements

    To create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing display, consider incorporating complementary elements that enhance the urn and its surroundings.

    A. Photographs
    Including framed photographs of your loved one can add a personal touch to the display. Arrange them around the urn or create a photo collage on the wall behind the urn. Personalized memorial picture frames can add a nice touch to the display. Take a look at this heartfelt picture frame below that can be personalized with the deceased's name and relevant dates.

    B. Flowers and Plants
    Fresh flowers or potted plants can bring life and a sense of renewal to the display area. Choose flowers that had significance to your loved one or plants that match your home’s décor. Bear in mind that fresh flowers will need to be changed frequently. If that is a concern, consider using fake flowers and greenery.

    C. Candles
    Candles are a beautiful way to symbolize remembrance and light. Place candles around the urn, using holders that match the urn’s design and your home’s style. Battery-operated candles can offer a safe alternative to traditional ones.

    Bear in mind that candle urns are another great option. Candle Urns or Lantern Urns are containers that hold the ashes, as well as a candle or candles. Check out this comfort lantern urn below that holds a portion of the ashes, as well as a votive and candle. These make great gifts for family or friends, especially if you plan to separate the cremains between multiple people.

    D. Keepsakes
    Personal mementos such as jewelry, books, or other cherished items can be included in the display. Consider adding memorial wall plaquesengraved heart blocks, and customized ornaments. These items add depth and context, creating a richer narrative of your loved one’s life.

    4. Balancing Privacy and Visibility

    Deciding on the level of visibility and privacy for the urn is essential. Some people prefer the urn to be a private tribute, while others want it to be a central part of their home.

    A. Semi-Private Display
    If you wish to balance visibility with a sense of privacy, consider placing the urn in a location that is not immediately obvious to visitors but still accessible to you. A corner of the living room or a shelf in a quieter part of the house can serve this purpose.

    B. Public Display
    For those who want to share their loved one’s memory openly, placing the urn in a prominent spot such as the living room mantel or an entryway table can be appropriate. This makes the urn a conversation piece and a visible tribute.

    5. Seasonal and Rotating Displays

    Changing the display seasonally or periodically can keep the memory of your loved one fresh and relevant. This can be done by updating the surrounding elements such as flowers, photographs, or decorative items.

    A. Seasonal Themes
    Incorporate seasonal decorations like autumn leaves, winter ornaments, spring flowers, or summer seashells. This not only refreshes the display but also aligns it with the changing seasons.

    B. Special Occasions
    On anniversaries, birthdays, or other significant dates, enhance the display with items that commemorate these occasions. This could include birthday cards, special candles, or thematic decorations.

    6. Safety and Maintenance

    Ensuring the urn’s safety and maintaining its condition is crucial, especially if it’s placed in a high-traffic area.

    A. Stability
    Make sure the surface where the urn is placed is stable and secure. If necessary, use adhesive pads or non-slip mats to prevent accidental tipping.

    B. Cleaning and Care
    Regularly dust and clean the urn and its surrounding elements. Different materials require different care methods, so follow specific cleaning instructions for the urn’s material to maintain its appearance.

    7. Personalizing the Experience

    Ultimately, the way you choose to display a cremation urn should be a reflection of your relationship with the departed and your own personal tastes. There are no strict rules—only what feels right for you and your home.

    A. Involving Family
    Involve family members in the decision-making process. Their input can provide valuable perspectives and ensure that the display honors your loved one in a way that resonates with everyone.

    B. Honoring Traditions
    If your family follows specific cultural or religious traditions, incorporate these into the display. This can add layers of meaning and respect to the tribute.


    Displaying a cremation urn in your home is a poignant and powerful way to keep the memory of a loved one alive. By carefully considering the location, design, complementary elements, and personal touches, you can create a beautiful and meaningful tribute that honors their life and legacy. The most important aspect is that the display feels right to you and provides comfort and remembrance in a way that fits your home and heart.

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