A New Beginning: Baptism commemoration

by Laura Kretz November 27, 2017 3 min read

A New Beginning: Baptism commemoration

November seems to be a popular month for birthdays. As a result of snowstorms or Valentine’s Day, there must be someone close to you who is a Scorpio. And once you get that image out of your head, perhaps now is a good time to prepare for an upcoming baptism as a result of the beautiful miracle.  

A baptism is a Christian sacrament of admission to the Christian Church, with the holy water used to symbolize purification. No matter if one is Catholic or Baptist or a general Christian, everyone involved can appreciate the experience of a new member adoption to the religion.



Finding the right gift can be daunting to commemorate this rite of passage. Most likely the newly baptized Christian will be a newborn, making this a present they would enjoy and cherish later in life. Many other baptism party goers may already be gifting bibles, rosaries and other important religious artifacts, so finding a personalized baptism gift that will stand the test of time is challenge we happily accept.

DaySpring Milestones offersmany commemorative options to celebrate your loved one’s baptism. Below are some of the many creative designs that will touch everyone who sees and receives this one-of-a-kind offering:


A traditional yet personalized baptism gift is a symbolic cross. Currently, we have six unique crosses, five with different quotes:

  • Every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17).Find here
  • Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. They are weak, but He is Strong.Find here andhere
  • May Jesus live within your heart keep you in his care, guide and guard you, day and night, and answer every prayer.Find here
  • May you feel as close to Jesus as you do today. May you always count on Him to gently guide you on your way.Find here
  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 129:14).Find here

The wood of these beautifully crafted crosses vary from cherry to maple, and measure 4” x 6”, perfect for any room. They also come with a metal hook for the wall, as well as a stand for displaying on a mantel, for example. Keep in mind that these crosses can also be personalized for First Holy Communions. The limits of personalization at DaySpring Milestones is boundless!

Photo Frame

Another special baptism gift that is a true keepsake is the photo frame. What makes this stand out is that the family can save this photo frame and add in a photo from the First Holy Communion later. Below are the two quote options available:

  • For this child I have prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart (1 Samuel 1:27).Find here
  • “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and to not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11).Find here

Each frame option comes with different colors of choice: black, cherry and white. Additionally, each photo frame option can be personalized to add the name of the child as well as the baptism date. And like any photo frame, this can be hung on the wall for all to see or displayed on any desk or family room mantel.   

There are many more creative commemorations to explore onour website, including apuzzle photo frame,wooden block engraving, and adedication plaque. Even if you do not need a personalized baptism gift now, you never know when, so it is wise to keep these ideas and DaySpring Milestones in mind. Regardless of the month, your special someone will appreciate their baptism gift; If not now, then when they are older.

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