Engraved Wooden Cutting Boards: Personalized Moments

by Laura Kretz January 20, 2018 2 min read

If December represents the month of holiday stress, then January should be an ode to destress. Sure one may still be tasked to take down all the holiday decorations (optional really), and return any sweaters that do not fit or candles that do not fragrant well at all, but this month should be revered as the month to unwind, nevertheless.  

And what better way to unwind then to treat yourself! Maybe you did not receive everything you desired in the gift exchange. Or perhaps you still have not bought yourself something for Christmas (a must, by the way). Even a simple yet elegant gift such as an engraved wooden cutting board would satisfy the last of the winter blues. Our personalized and engraved wooden cutting boards will complement nicely with any new kitchen accessories too that you may have received this holiday season, such as blenders or mixers.

Our engraved wooden cutting boards transcend the boring task of cutting up vegetables and highlight your most wonderful moments of your life. We guarantee you will smile each time you pull out your personalized cutting board and remember when he popped the question, or when you said “I do.” Plus, they are so beautiful, you will want to leave them out on the counter as a display!

There are many styles of cutting boards to choose from, as well as the type of wood, handle location and engraving styles. And these personalized wooden cutting boards are crafted to not only look beautiful but to function with ease, such as its knife skipping prevention. Below are some of the numerous options available, all of which areon our website.

  1. Happily Ever After

custom bamboo cutting board

This bamboo cutting board gets personal, with your first and last names and date of wedding anniversary. And this engraved cutting board is made to last as long as your beautiful union will last: forever.

2. Monogram Initials


cherry wood cutting boards


This engraved wooden cutting board serves up a reason to cook a loving meal for your family. Engraved in a beautiful cherry wood block, this durable cutting board is sure to lend a naturalistic warmth to your parties and to your kitchen.

3. Dates to Remember


cutting boards to celebrate anniversary


This engraved bamboo cutting board showcases all your loving moments with your spouse in refined taste: “when he stole her heart and popped the question and she stole his last name”. Plus, now your husband has no excuse in forgetting your wedding anniversary! It’s right there, engraved in wood.

4. Bamboo Cheese Board


engraved wooden cheese platter board


Going against the grain,this engraved wooden cheese platter will serve as an elegant centerpiece for your next home gathering. Made of bamboo, this serving board celebrates your family you work hard for every single day: so honor your family and commitment!

So go ahead, and establish your kitchen as yours. Tastefully express your proud and memorable accomplishments, such as getting married to your soulmate and raising your beloved family.









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