Up To Bat: Personalized Baseball Bats

As the end of your grandchild’s first baseball or tee ball season comes to a close, it is fun to reminisce the good times at the next family gathering. How well he/she did at their first swing at the plate and even how grandpa almost caught the foul ball. Great memories of how the family supported the player in the bleachers, their own fan section, will always stick with him/her.

Belonging to a team and participating in a sport is a big stepping stone in a young person’s life. Sportsmanship and other values taught by hard work, practice and dedication will assist them in adulthood. And don’t forget about the after-game ice cream treats! Nothing is better than being surrounded by friends and coachees, win or loss, with stinky uniforms, eating swirl ice cream.

These best moments and life events need to be captured, remembered. Beyond a team photo that you keep in your wallet to show off at your next high school reunion, wouldn’t it be great to carry the memory longer, without the fading? To even give that special memory back to your baseball player?

DaySpring Milestones thinks so. One great way to commemorate that memorable season is our personalized baseball bat, a unique gift to your power hitter. Our engraved baseball bats symbolize this important and fun time in their life that they will cherish forever.

The components of this custom wood baseball bat include greetings tailored to the coach or player, such as “MVP” and “#1 Coach”. The length of this baseball bat is less than the average size of a normal one, making the personalized baseball bat the perfect centerpiece of a sports display in the living room mantel or in his/her bedroom, next to awards and ribbons.

The beautiful ash wood used for the bat gives your gift a polished, refined look. Ash wood is used for many baseball bats, so this commemorative gift will have the weight and feel of an actual baseball bat. In baseball, ash wood is known for having a long sweet spot, being flexible and more forgiving.

Additionally, our engraved baseball bats are made for other occasions, like birthdays, baptisms, groomsman’s gift, birth announcement, Father’s Day, celebrating husband, Holy Communion, etc. So many specialized moments for that baseball fan, former or current player!

Because baseball is admired as America’s favorite pastime sport, our personalized baseball bats are made-in-the-USA. For a fair price too, which includes the personalized engraving, you can feel good about this purchase.