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  • Unlocking the Best Black Friday Deals: A Shopper's Guide

    by LifeSong Milestones October 31, 2023 5 min read

    Unlocking the Best Black Friday Deals: A Shopper's Guide - LifeSong Milestones

    The day after Thanksgiving has become a shopping phenomenon like no other – Black Friday. This annual event, which signals the start of the holiday shopping season, is known for its jaw-dropping discounts, doorbuster deals, and frenzied shoppers eager to score the best bargains. In this article, we'll delve into the history of Black Friday, explore its significance, and provide a detailed guide on specific deals to look for during this shopping extravaganza.

    The History of Black Friday

    Black Friday's origins can be traced back to the early 20th century. The term itself was initially associated with the stock market crash of 1869, which led to financial panic and economic depression. However, the term took on a different meaning in the 1950s when it was used by factory workers in Philadelphia to describe the Friday after Thanksgiving when they would call in sick to create an extra-long weekend. This practice eventually extended to retail employees, leading to store managers dubbing it "Black Friday."

    In the 1960s, Black Friday became synonymous with the official start of the holiday shopping season. Retailers saw it as an opportunity to turn their financial losses (represented in red ink) into profits (represented in black ink), which further solidified the name. Over the years, Black Friday has evolved into a nationwide shopping holiday, with retailers offering incredible discounts and promotions to attract eager shoppers.

    The Significance of Black Friday

    Black Friday has become a cultural phenomenon with significant economic implications. For consumers, it offers a chance to snag incredible deals on a wide range of products, from electronics to clothing and everything in between. The excitement and anticipation surrounding Black Friday have turned shopping into a competitive sport, with some shoppers even camping out in front of stores for days to secure the best deals.

    Retailers also benefit immensely from Black Friday. It provides an opportunity to clear out excess inventory and boost their bottom line before the end of the fiscal year. Many businesses rely on the success of Black Friday sales to set the tone for the entire holiday season, which can account for a substantial portion of their annual revenue.

    Note - Sometimes sellers will briefly mark up their prices and then discount it to look like it’s a deal when it’s not. So always cross-compare with other competitors to see if it’s a deal or if you can get it cheaper elsewhere.
    If you have your eye on something specific, look it up a month in advance to do a price check and then see if the prices get lowered on Black Friday.
    To see more tips on how not to get scammed, read, “Avoiding Black Friday/Cyber Monday Rip-Offs: Tips to Ensure You're Getting a Real Deal.”

    Specific Deals to Look for

    Now that we've explored the history and significance of Black Friday, let's dive into the specific deals and categories to watch for during this shopping extravaganza.

    Black Friday is famous for its jaw-dropping discounts on electronics. Shoppers can expect to find significant price cuts on smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and televisions. Keep an eye out for bundle deals that include accessories, insurance, or extra features, making your purchase even more valuable.

    If you're in the market for new appliances, Black Friday is the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen or laundry room. Look for deals on refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and washing machines. Retailers often offer substantial discounts, free delivery, and even extended warranties during this time. Sometimes, you get a deal by buying multiple items, like a washer and a dryer. So always be sure to ask employees if those are available in their store.

    Home Decor and Furniture
    Home improvement and interior design enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to score big on Black Friday. Look for discounts on furniture sets, mattresses, kitchen appliances, and home décor items like engraved wooden clocks, candle holders, personalized coasters, custom cutting boards, digitally printed picture frames, custom-made ornaments, and tailor-made wall plaques. Many stores offer deep discounts on these products to entice shoppers. Starting November 29th, LifeSong Milestones is offering 25% off everything, plus free shipping for orders above $150. This deal doesn’t come around often so get it while it lasts!

    Fashion and Apparel
    Fashionistas, rejoice! Black Friday brings incredible deals on clothing, shoes, and accessories. From high-end designer pieces to budget-friendly fashion finds, you can upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Look for buy-one-get-one deals, doorbuster discounts, and free shipping offers.

    Toys and Games
    Parents and gift-givers can make the most of Black Friday to stock up on toys and games for the holiday season. Retailers typically offer substantial discounts on popular toys, board games, and video games. Be sure to check for age-appropriate options for the kids on your shopping list.

    Beauty and Personal Care
    Beauty enthusiasts can find fantastic deals on cosmetics, skincare products, and grooming essentials during Black Friday. Look for limited-edition gift sets, exclusive collections, and discounts on top-rated beauty brands. Some stores also offer free samples with purchases.

    Travel and Vacation Packages
    In recent years, Black Friday has expanded beyond physical products to include travel deals. Keep an eye out for discounted airfare, hotel stays, and vacation packages. Planning your next getaway during Black Friday can save you a substantial amount of money.

    Subscription Services
    Streaming services, meal kit deliveries, and other subscription-based offerings often provide special promotions during Black Friday. Look for discounted rates, extended free trials, or bundled packages that can help you save on your favorite subscriptions.

    Small Businesses and Local Shops
    While Black Friday is often associated with big-box retailers, don't forget to support small businesses and local shops. Many of them participate in the shopping holiday by offering unique services and personalized products. It's an excellent opportunity to discover hidden gems and contribute to your community.

    Online vs. In-Store Shopping
    With the rise of e-commerce, Black Friday deals are no longer limited to brick-and-mortar stores. Many retailers offer online-exclusive deals and even start their sales earlier in the week, making it more convenient for shoppers to score discounts from the comfort of their homes. Again that’s why, LifeSong Milestones is offering a sitewide 25% discount starting on Nov. 29th. However, if you enjoy the thrill of in-store shopping and scoring doorbusters, be prepared to join the early morning queues.


    Black Friday is a shopping extravaganza that has grown in popularity and significance over the years. It offers consumers the chance to snag incredible deals on a wide range of products while providing a significant boost to retailers' bottom lines. Whether you're in the market for electronics, appliances, fashion, or travel deals, Black Friday has something for everyone.

    As you prepare for this year's Black Friday, remember to create a shopping list, set a budget, and stay informed about the deals and discounts available. Whether you choose to brave the crowds in-store or take advantage of online offers, Black Friday can be a rewarding shopping experience that helps you save money and check off items on your holiday gift list. Happy shopping!

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