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  • What Are Proper Funeral Gift Ideas Other Than Flowers?

    by Lifesong Staff June 06, 2024 4 min read

    What Are Proper Funeral Gift Ideas Other Than Flowers?
    Attending a funeral is an opportunity to show support, respect, and love for the deceased and their family. Choosing an appropriate funeral gift is a thoughtful way to convey your condolences and provide comfort during a difficult time. While flowers are the traditional choice, there are many other options that can be meaningful and appropriate. This article will explore a variety of suitable funeral gifts, offering guidance to help you select the perfect token of sympathy.

    Traditional Gifts

    • Flowers: Flowers are the most common and traditional funeral gift. They symbolize life, beauty, and a reminder of the deceased's impact on the world. Common choices include lilies, roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums. When choosing flowers, consider the preferences of the deceased and their family.
    • Sympathy Cards: A heartfelt sympathy card can provide immense comfort to the bereaved. Write a personal message expressing your condolences and sharing a cherished memory of the deceased. This personal touch can offer significant solace.

    Personalized Gifts

    • Memory Books, Journals, or Guest Books: Memory books or journals can be a meaningful gift, allowing the bereaved to document their memories, thoughts, and feelings about their loved one. These books can include prompts for writing, space for photos, and areas to record special memories. Guest books are special because the grieving family may not be able to greet all the guests, but with a guest book, all the guest can write something special that the family can read at a later date. Plus, guest books, just like the one below are great ways to help someone grieve. 
    • Customized Keepsakes: Items such as engraved plaques, photo frames, or jewelry can serve as lasting mementos. Personalized gifts that feature the deceased's name, a favorite quote, or significant dates, like the candle holder below, can provide comfort and a tangible connection to their memory.
    • Memorial Jewelry: Memorial jewelry, such as lockets containing a photo or a small amount of the deceased's ashes, can be a cherished keepsake. Pieces like bracelets, necklaces, or rings inscribed with the deceased’s name or initials can offer ongoing comfort.

    Practical Gifts

    • Food Baskets: Grieving families often appreciate practical gifts such as food baskets. These can include ready-to-eat meals, snacks, or comfort foods. Providing nourishment can relieve some of the burden during a time when they may not feel up to cooking. 
    • Gift Cards: Gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants, or delivery services can be extremely helpful. They allow the family to take care of their needs without the pressure of meal preparation.
    • Household Supplies: Offering household supplies, like paper goods, toiletries, and cleaning products, can be a practical and appreciated gesture. This support helps ease the burden of daily tasks during a period of mourning.

    Donations and Contributions

    • Charitable Donations: Making a donation to a charity or cause that was important to the deceased can be a profound way to honor their memory. Inform the family of your donation with a thoughtful note explaining its significance.
    • Memorial Funds: Contributing to a memorial fund, which might be set up for expenses or a specific cause in the deceased’s name, can provide meaningful support. These funds often go towards funeral costs, scholarships, or community projects.

    Comfort Gifts

    • Books on Grief: Books that offer support and guidance on grief can be valuable resources for those mourning a loss. Titles like "On Grief and Grieving" by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and David Kessler or "Healing After Loss" by Martha Whitmore Hickman provide insight and comfort.
    • Blankets and Throws: A soft, cozy blanket or throw can provide physical comfort and warmth. Consider items that can be personalized with a monogram or a meaningful quote to add a special touch, like the one below.
    • Candles: Scented or memorial candles can be a comforting gift, symbolizing light and hope in a time of darkness. Choose calming scents like lavender, vanilla, or eucalyptus to promote peace and relaxation.

    Plant Gifts

    • Potted Plants: Unlike cut flowers, potted plants provide a long-lasting reminder of the deceased. Plants like peace lilies, orchids, or succulents can thrive indoors and serve as a living tribute to the loved one.
    • Trees for Planting: Gifting a tree to be planted in memory of the deceased can be a powerful symbol of life and renewal. Many organizations offer memorial tree planting services, which can be arranged in the deceased’s honor.

    Unique and Creative Gifts

    • Artwork: Commissioning a piece of artwork that commemorates the deceased can be a unique and touching gift. This might include a portrait, a landscape of a favorite place, or a symbolic representation of their life.
    • Music: Creating a playlist or CD of songs that were meaningful to the deceased or the grieving family can be a heartfelt and personal gift. Music has the power to evoke memories and provide solace.
    • Memory Boxes: A memory box, filled with photos, letters, and mementos, can be a deeply personal gift. Encourage friends and family to contribute items, creating a collective tribute to the deceased. You can also buy one like this customizable memory box below. It can light up as well as hold a photo.

    Considerations When Choosing a Funeral Gift

    1. Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of the cultural and religious practices of the deceased and their family. Some cultures have specific traditions and customs regarding mourning and funeral gifts.
    2. Personal Connection: Choose a gift that reflects your relationship with the deceased or the bereaved. A personal touch, such as a shared memory or inside joke, can make your gift more meaningful.
    3. Timing: While it’s common to send gifts immediately after the death, offering support in the weeks and months following the funeral can be just as valuable. Grief often lingers long after the initial shock has passed.
    4. Simplicity: Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the most appreciated. A kind word, a warm meal, or a listening ear can provide immense comfort during a time of loss.


    Selecting the proper funeral gift is an opportunity to show your love, support, and respect for the deceased and their family. Whether you choose a traditional gift like flowers or a more personalized keepsake, the most important thing is the thought and care behind your gesture. By considering the preferences and needs of the bereaved, you can provide comfort and support during one of life’s most challenging times.

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