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    Founded and Family Owned since January 2000,

    LifeSong Milestones is so much more than just the product - we are a company with a mission. A mission to capture a feeling, emotion, or memory by providing top quality unique and personal products for every occasion. Our aim is to create products we’re proud of and no degree of measure can account for the attentiveness we deliver in each creation. For us it isn’t a job - it’s a passion. We’re a small dedicated team and our town in rural Ohio is even smaller, but our dreams and aspirations are big. We provide top quality and efficient service catered to every customer with our in house model. This means that the products you receive have been designed by our talented designers, printed or engraved with care, and processed all in the same building. This allows us to offer top quality products and service to anyone. Watching each product from inception to market brings us joy that we aim to pass on to our customers through our creations.


    Our top priority is quality. For 21 years we have employed a staff of hard-working hand-crafters right here in America. Our talented team provide nothing less than top-quality craftsmanship evident in each and every creation. Our customers continue to remind us why our quality makes the difference - and we tend to agree. We love to get to know our customers. One way to do that is by sharing the way you present each and every one of your products! If you want a chance to have your photo featured on our official social media pages or even our website, tag us or use the #LifeSongMilestones hashtag and keep an eye out for your post (We’ll let you know when we use it)!

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