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  • 25 Things a Husband Can Do For His Wife On Mother’s Day

    by LifeSong Milestones April 12, 2024 5 min read

    25 Things a Husband Can Do For His Wife On Mother’s Day - LifeSong Milestones

    Mother's Day is a special day to celebrate the mothers in our lives and show them how much we appreciate all that they do. If you're looking for ideas on what to do for your wife on Mother's Day, here are 24 things that you can do to make her feel loved and appreciated.

    1. Provide Breakfast In Bed - Surprise your wife with a delicious breakfast in bed. She will appreciate not having to lift a finger for a change.

    2. Take Care Of The Kids - Give your wife a day off from parenting and take care of the kids for the day. She will love having some time to herself to relax or do a hobby.

    3. Write Her a Love Letter or Poem - Take the time to write a heartfelt love letter expressing how much you appreciate her and everything she has done for your family.

    4. Plan a Surprise Outing - Surprise your wife with a fun date, such as a picnic, a visit to a local attraction, or a romantic evening out. This could be a whole family event, like a day at the beach, or just between you and her. It might be a good idea to ask what she would prefer.

    5. Get Her A Thoughtful Gift - Choose a gift that shows your wife how much you know and appreciate her. Check out these cool Mother’s Day gift ideas, such as a personalized piece of jewelry or a spa gift certificate. Also, look at some personalized jewelry boxes for mothers, Mother’s Day picture frames, and home décor items. For example, consider this modern inspirational shadow box that talks about how special she is.

    Lifesong Milestones Modern Inspirational Shadow Box for Everyday Home Decorations For Mothers 6x6 - To The World You Are A Mother

    Also, consider this beautiful cherry wood jewelry box, laser-engraved with the verse, “If I had my life to live over again, I would find you sooner so that I could love you longer.” This 11.5”x 8.25”x5.25” jewelry box gift can be personalized with the couple’s name and anniversary date. These boxes are super sweet Mother’s Day gifts. These wooden jewelry boxes will remind her of your love every time she uses them.

    LifeSong Milestones Wedding Anniversary Personalized Jewelry Box "Love You Longer"

    Also, consider if there is something she's been wanting or that will make her life easier, such as a new gadget or appliance. Pay attention to if she’s mentioned anything she’d like recently and write it down so you don’t forget.

    6. Hire a House Cleaner - If you aren’t great at cleaning and have the extra money, hire a house cleaner to deep clean your home and take some of the burden off your wife. Maybe you can schedule the cleaner to come once or twice a month for the next several months. This will really take a load off your wife.

    7. Make a Handmade Gift - Get crafty and make a homemade gift, such as a painting, a card, or a piece of pottery. It would be even better if you could get your children involved! It may not be perfect but all the effort you and your kids have put into it will make her heart melt!

    8. Organize a Family Photo Shoot - Hire a professional photographer to take family photos that your wife will cherish for years to come. Make sure you let your wife know that it’s coming, that way she can dress up appropriately for it.

    9. Make a Special Dessert or Meal - If the way to her heart is through her belly, bake your wife's favorite dessert or try a new recipe that she's been wanting to try.

    10. Brunch or Dinner Date - If you don’t know your way around the kitchen, then plan a romantic date at your wife's favorite restaurant.

    11. Plant a Garden - Plant a garden together as a family and watch it grow throughout the year.

    12. Plan a Girls' Day Out - Help your wife plan a fun day out with her girlfriends. You could keep this a surprise and plan it with her best friends. They could take her out while you take care of the kids.

    13. Take Her on a Shopping Spree - Take your wife on a shopping spree and let her pick out whatever she wants. If you don’t have a money tree growing in your backyard, consider giving a spending limit.

    14. Plan a Surprise Party - Plan a surprise party with friends and family to celebrate your wife.

    15. Give Her a Spa Day - Treat your wife to a day at the spa, complete with a massage, facial, manicure, and other treatments.

    16. Surprise Her With Flowers - Flowers are a classic Mother's Day gift. Surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers.

    17. Love Notes - Leave sweet love notes around the house for your wife to discover throughout the day.

    18. Gift Basket - Create a gift basket filled with your wife's favorite things, such as her favorite snacks, books, or beauty products.

    19. Jewelry - Surprise your wife with a piece of jewelry that she's been eyeing, such as a necklace or bracelet.

    20. Car Wash - Surprise your wife by cleaning her car and filling it up with gas for her.

    21. Organize a Family Game Night - Organize a fun family game night, complete with your wife's favorite board games and snacks.

    22. Make a Photo Album - Make a photo album filled with pictures of your family and special memories that you've shared together.

    23. Help Her Start a Hobby - If your wife has been wanting to start a new hobby, help her get started by buying her the necessary supplies or taking her to a class.

    24. Take Her Dancing - Take her out dancing or sign up for a dance class together.

    25. Do the Housework - Take care of the cleaning, laundry, and other household chores so that your wife can relax and enjoy her day.


      Most importantly, take the time to tell your wife how much you love her and how much she means to your family. A mother does so much that goes unseen, and many times, is unappreciated work. It’s important to be grateful and show how much you appreciate her effort.

      P.S. For all the men out there who are wondering what day is Mother’s day, it’s always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. So plan ahead to make ensure your appointment is made or your gift will arrive in time. This will help ensure a very happy Mother’s Day.

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